Another License Fee is Possible. For an Earmarked and Fair Funding of Public Service Media

We should not be prevented from rethinking the financing of public service media, on the contrary! But why not learn from the successes of neighbouring countries and reform the licence fee in France in the direction of an earmarked and fair funding? French economist Julia Cagé explains how this would guarantee sustainable resources independent of political cycles, creating a strong link between citizens and public service media. Especially since this option is supported by a majority of French people, as a survey shows.

In this report, Julia Cagé defends her proposal for a « contribution for public service » or « contribution for public service media ». At a time when fake news is proliferating and inflation is eating away at budgets, it is essential to provide visibility in funding and justice in distribution, as several Nordic countries have done over the past ten years. Another licence fee is possible!



What is the license fee?
The far right against the license fee
The imperfections of the existing system

How to reform the license fee?
Direct government funding
– The dangers of direct government funding: a lack of resources and visibility – The dangers of direct government funding: independence under threat

An earmarked and fair funding of PSM
– An earmarked contribution proportional to income
– An earmarked progressive contribution according to income
– An earmarked progressive contribution paid by both households and companies
– Alternative proposals

The results of the survey
– Who pays the license fee?
– Who watches public television or listens to public radio?
– How does the French public want to see public broadcasting fundingreformed?

Conclusion : Achieving high-quality public broadcasting

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